Universal Office Preview apps for Windows 10 receive updates


Office Preview (touch first) apps for Windows 10 were released for Windows Insiders back in February & can be downloaded via Windows Store (Beta). Now these apps have received updates as the promised release time of Office Preview apps for Windows 10 for phones comes nearer.

Although, no changelog about these updates can be found, WinSuperSite has reported the following change in build numbers for each Office Preview apps.

  • Word Preview updated to 17.3930.10071.0 from 17.3930.10061.0
  • PowerPoint Preview updated to 17.3930.10071.0 from 17.3823.10121.0
  • Excel Preview updated to 17.3930.10071.0 from 17.3823.10121.0
  • OneNote Preview updated to 17.3930,10071.0 from 17.3823.30111.0

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Source: WinSuperSite


Leaked video of Windows 10 for phones build 12544 shows new Universal apps and customization

A hands-on video of Windows 10 for phones build 12544 has been leaked and reveals many updated core apps and customization. Apps include Store (Beta), must improved Office and OneNote apps, Lumia Camera 5.5 and a new build of Spartan Browser. It also shows features like increased numbers of Accent colors and option to adjust the transparency of background image.

Sources : WPXAP, YouTube

Windows 10 for phones build 10070 leaked screenshot reveals updated Start screen & Word preview


Just few days ago, Windows 10 for phones build 10051 was released to Windows Insiders which brought updated Outlook mail, calender and Project Spartan. Now yet another build, claimed to be 10070, has surfaced thanks to a leaked screenshot posted on Polish site WindowsMania.pl. This shows an updated Start screen; the distance between live tiles has been reduced significantly and option to pin four middle sized tiles in a row has also been introduced. The latter feature will be quite handy for small tablets (less than 8″) running Windows 10.

That’s not all. A live tile of “Word Preview” can also be seen in the image. Note that Microsoft will be releasing the new Office apps (probably in preview) for Windows 10 for phones sometime during this month. A small change in “Settings” tile can also be observed.

WindowsMania.pl reports that the screenshot is from a Samsung Ativ S running the build and that it’s very buggy. This raises the speculation that the next Windows build for phones may finally reach to non-Lumia Windows Phones as well.

How do you see these changes? Please let us know in comments.

Source: WindowsMania.pl, Via: WMPowerUser

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