Microsoft to put its own brand on around 16,000 Nokia stores worldwide


After opening first ever Microsoft Store outside of North America in Australia and announcing to re-brand more than 50 existing Nokia locations into Microsoft Stores in Brazil, the Redmond based giant has started spreading this re-branding process to the rest of the world.

According a report by The Economic Times of India, the ex-Nokia stores will be converted in two types of stores- ‘Microsoft Priority Reseller’ and ‘Microsoft Mobile Seller’. While the former will be standalone stores selling all Microsoft products like Xbox, Surface, Lumia & Office, the latter will focus on smartphones. Microsoft has already opened one Microsoft Priority Reseller Store in Gurgaon, India and plans to finish the conversion process by the end of June in India. Of 16,000 ex-Nokia stores in all markets, India alone has around 9000.

By doing this, Microsoft is trying make big push for it’s hardware business, specially it’s troubled Lumia smartphone business.

Source: The Economic Times of India, Via: Neowin, Windows Central


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